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At Stage 5 Trading, traders enjoy a wide variety of professional-grade trading services. From the exclusive S5 Chat Forum to key live market news audio from S5 TradeTheNews, Stage 5 has got you covered.

S5 TradeTheNews

At a time when a geopolitical event or a central banker comment have the ability to cause the markets to move sharply, it’s potentially more important than ever to have a fast and reliable news source. With S5 TradeTheNews, you get just that and a whole lot more.

  • 24-hr Live, timely and unbiased audio news squawk
  • Searchable and filterable text headlines
  • Analyst session updates delivered right to your inbox throughout the day
  • Detailed market event calendars
  • Extensive database and news archive
  • The ability to ask news analysts a question about an event

Cloud Server Trading

If you trade using automated systems or simply want to ensure that you have fast and stable market connectivity, in order to optimize your fills and reduce your slippage, S5 CloudServ could be the solution for you.

  • High-performance, reliable co-located virtual and dedicated servers
  • Located in Chicago, just 1 ms away from CME order matching servers and market gateway servers of the most popular brokers/clearing firms, in one of the best data centers for futures
  • For professional and individual traders
  • Remote desktop client server access
  • Compatible with many existing trading platforms


DTN IQFeed is the recommended datafeed at Stage 5. It’s tick data accuracy, volume of included historical data and access to the world’s top exchanges, make it a favorite amongst traders.

  • Fast, reliable and true tick-by-tick data
  • Up to 180 calendar days of tick data, 10 years of 1 minute data and 80 years of daily data, where available
  • Over 700 market stats/breadth indicators
  • Real-Time streaming news from Benzinga Pro,, PR Newswire, and Business Wire
  • Access to exclusive Stage 5 deals

Exchange Membership Support

Exchange fees can end up costing you a large sum of money, depending on how much and how frequently you trade. So there comes a point when you trade enough monthly volume to justify taking an exchange membership, in order to reduce the exchange fee you pay per transaction.

  • Stage 5 will help you assess whether it’s worthwhile for you to pay for an exchange lease or ownership membership
  • We’ll help you identify the right membership
  • Finally, we’ll also help you get approved

Retirement Account Services

Stage 5 Trading offers traders the ability to trade a self-directed futures account with an Individual Retirement Account (IRA), through a variety of executional platforms.

  • Combines the advantages of an IRA with the benefits of futures trading
  • Setup fees are now waived through MidlandIRA at Stage 5
  • It only takes minutes to fill out an individual account application online

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