Our Vision

Our Vision is to bring a fundamental change to the trading community. We do it by implementing through a more structured trading environment, better trader support services and a larger variety of independent solutions. Are you ready to join our community and be a catalyst for change?

Why Stage 5?

Your broker is your link to the world markets. At S5, your broker is not an automated message when you need help the most. It matters when things are running smoothly and it matters more when they are not. As a result, we simply provide the best service possible.

Every call matters. Every request matters.

– Anthony Giacomin, Managing Partner

  • Our brokers consider themselves your advocates and first line of service. They are responsive and provide solutions
  • Our brokers understand trading and the complexities of trading software, charting solutions and the challenges facing traders
  • Our traders worry less about dropped internet connections; with server-side OCO orders S5 Trader continues to manage stops and targets while the trader recovers
  • Our traders are given access to tools, support and advice from professional traders

The Stage 5 Trading Values

Our team consists of a tenacious group of individuals that combines experience, technical knowledge and resolute values. At S5, we base our relationships with our employees, partners and affiliates on a longterm perspective and value-assessment.

In order to be a part of our team, each individual must possess the values we hold highest:

  •  Helping Others
  •  Consistency
  •  Excellence
  •  Leadership
  •  Efficiency

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