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Is there a demo available for the S5 Trader? Is paper trading included in my demo?

Yes, S5 Trader has a demo available here. Paper trading is included in the S5 Trader demo.

Does the demo/live S5 Trader have real-time data?

Yes, the S5 Trader demo and live account both have streaming, un-netted, un-filtered, tick data direct from the exchanges access point! For more information about the S5 Trader: Click Here

Does a demo/simulation environment of the S5 Trader come with a live account?

Yes, an unlimited simulation environment is available with a live account as long as your account balance is $5,000 or more. If your balance is less than $5,000 please contact your broker for help with setting up a new Demo.

I'd like to use a new trading platform, but I'm not 100% sure of how to use it. Can someone help me with that?

Absolutely! Just fill out this form to get a platform walkthrough with a Stage 5 broker.

How do I activate live trading?

Once you have a live funded account the back office will activate it for live trading. This normally takes about one business day once the funds have cleared into your live trading account. Your Stage 5 broker or the client services team will notify you once your account is activated and ready for live trading.

How do I get support?

Call or e-mail your Stage 5 broker or Stage 5 Trading’s Client Service’s team at +1.312-896-9897 or email us

How do I recover lost login information?

Please make sure you remember that your user name is case sensitive and verify that you are typing all login information correctly. If you still have trouble logging on, call or email your broker directly or contact the Client Service’s team at +1.312-896-9897 or email us

How do I change my S5 Trader Password?

To change the password on your S5 Trader account please use the following link to log into your client portal. Click Here

How do I place an order if my platform is down or I do not have access to it?

During regular trading hours please call your Stage 5 Trading broker directly or contact the Stage 5 Trading Client Services team at +1.312-896-9897 or email us During the overnight session please call the 24 hour trade desk. +1-614-764-4499 or +1-800-920-5808 ext. 1 for both numbers.

How do I fund my S5 Trader account?

*For full funding instructions, please click here


  • Bank Name: JP Morgan Chase
  • Bank Address: 1111 Polaris Pkwy, Columbus, OH 43240
  • ABA #: 021 000 021
  • SWIFT Code (if needed): CHASUS33
  • Account Name (Credit to/Beneficiary): Gain Capital Group, LLC Customer Segregated Funds
  • Bank Account Number: 646-862-821
  • Further Credit to: Account Name Gain Capital, LLC Account Number: or Pending New Account


Due to anti-money laundering laws, Gain Capital, LLC can only accept funds coming from an account in the same name as your Gain/OEC account. For example, you cannot send funds from a personal bank account to a futures account in the name of an LLC, even if you own 100% of the LLC. Similarly, you cannot send funds to someone else’s futures account, and vice versa. You can, however, send funds from an individual account to a joint account that is open with the individual’s name on that joint account.

Incoming wires in US$ must be received by 15:00 EST, for same day deposit.


If you wish to send a check, please make it out to Gain Capital Group, LLC (do not make it out Stage 5 Trading Corp.) if assigned print your account number on it, otherwise print “Pending New Account”, and mail it to:
GAIN Capital Group, LLC
Bedminster One
135 US Highway 202/206 Suite 11
Bedminster, NJ 07921, USA

Please note:

  • Gain Capital Group, LLC only accepts checks drawn from U.S. Banks
  • Gain Capital Group, LLC only accepts personal checks
  • All personal checks will be held 5 business days to clear.
  • Gain Capital Group, LLC does not accept money orders, third party, or traveler’s checks.

If you have any questions or concerns about this please contact your Stage 5 Trading broker directly, or contact the Stage 5 Trading Client Services team at +1.312-896-9897 or If you would like to fund an account other than the S5 Trader software account please contact your broker or client services.

How do I open an account with Stage 5 using the S5 Trader?

To open an account using the S5 Trading platform Click Here. To open an account using a different software package, please contact your Stage 5 Trading broker directly, or contact the Stage 5 Trading Client Services team at +1.312-896-9897 or email us

How do I get 6E to format prices properly when using S5 Trader and DTNMA?

We checked with the MarketDelta Trader and the tick increment is being set by S5 Trader. Your best bet would be to multiply the DTN MA symbol by 100 so that the data aligns with the S5 Trader (OEC) data. See the following link for instructions on how to fix this: Linnsoft’s solution

To recap, you should have the DTN Symbol set up as @EU#*100 and the Display format set to 99.99. This will display your historical data the same way that Stage 5 is feeding your real time data.

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