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The S5 BookMap is the original creator of the Depth of Market (Order Book) heat-map. The display combines detailed prints of trades being executed across the entire depth of prices. It is enhanced with an extended view of the quantity of contracts available at any price and how these orders have shifted over time to signal potential intent. Check it out!

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  • S5 Bookmap Basic
    $999One Lifetime* Payment
    • Regular Pricing is $49 per month
    • Windows
    • Improved chart manipulation
    • Real time simulation
    • Record and replay
    • Access to studies & analytical tools
    • Free Webinars 
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  • S5 Bookmap Advanced 1 Year
    $5881st Year Discount
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    • One click trading from the chart
    • Large lot tracker
    • Volume and order book imbalance
    • Iceberg detector
    • Free webinars
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    • Windows
    • All the Basic version features
    • One click trading from the chart
    • Large lot tracker
    • Volume and order book imbalance
    • Iceberg detector
    • Free webinars

* Lifetime includes access to current Bookmap beta 7 and also future release of Bookmap 8.


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Data Connectivity Options

We believe the S5 BookMap provides traders with one of the most comprehensive and configurable heat map displays to visualize both real-time trading, as well as historical depth-of-market (DOM) data. The S5 BookMap’s unique java-based Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine handles millions of market data updates in real time, providing traders with information on how the limit order book evolves.

Our goal is to provide a unique perspective that enables traders using the S5 Bookmap to get faster and deeper insight into live market dynamics and short-term price action. This tool includes add-ons to execute directly into your S5 Trader account and to see what you have done directly on the BookMap display.

Introducing the S5 Theoretical Average Indicator (TAI), available exclusively for S5 Bookmap:

S5 Bookmap Features Comparison (click to expand)

Basic Advanced Quant
Multiple platforms  
Multiple brokers support
Real time view
Real time simulation  
Chart manipulation / dragging / zooming
Screenshot sharing  
Change columns position
Volume dots configuration  
Volume bars configuration  
Load multiple symbols  
Change colors  
Recentering configuration
Record and replay
Offline simulation
Price alerts  
Sync charts
Indicator pane  
Widget pane
Columns configuration  
Volume profile column  
Quotes counter column
Quotes delta column
Column reset
Notes column  
Extended order book  
Heatmap configuration
Contrast configuration  
Watch your order on the chart
One click trading from the chart Simulation only  
Cross instrument trading
Order book imbalance Replay only  
Volume imbalance Replay only  
Large lot tracker Replay only  
Iceberg detector Replay only  
Connect your own data
Display your proprietary indicators
Order queue estimation

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