Individual Trader

The Stage 5 Difference


Stage 5 is an independent introducing broker with access to a wide variety of trading and data solutions for the individual trader. The S5 Trader is the platform that provides the best combination of professional quality, no software fees, excellent features and unfiltered real time data.

Along with the S5 Trader, we strongly recommend the S5 Trade Analyzer to monitor and gain deep insight into your trades in real time. This professional-level tool is available to you free along with our professional risk management services and structured learning community.

Whether it be CQG, CTS T4, X-Trader, MultiCharts, Sierra Chart, MotiveWave, BookMap or most other popular platforms, we can provide access with a single point of contact through our services.

Stability & Speed

The S5 Trader and most other platforms we support are housed in redundant data centers and physically close to the exchange. This greatly reduces data latency, connectivity and stability issues.

We take data stability, speed and consistency very seriously.

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