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TradeTheNews has been a leading news voice squawk service since 1999.

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We believe the S5 TradeTheNews service offers the most unbiased real-time analysis available on certain individual stocks, groups of stocks, forex majors, or the entire market. Analysts focus on alerting the active trader to what is going up/down right now AND preparing the active trader for very specific upcoming events over the next few minutes, hours, or days. Broadcasters and editors rarely make opinions or have any bias or association with a third party. Our only interest is in providing traders with accurate real-time news to equip them with the most up to date decision making knowledge possible.

Detailed Event Calendars

Forward economic calendars are comprehensive and include upcoming earnings, conference calls, analyst meetings, economic numbers, industry conferences, IPO’s, lock-up expiration events, and geopolitical events.

Extensive Database & News Archive

An extensive database and archive of news articles relating to market events. This is a membership community designed for active traders or market professionals and is meant for experienced and active traders.

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