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Whether you are trading for quick order flow scalps or are waiting for deliberate setups, the S5 Trade Analyzer for NinjaTrader will let you know the details of every trade. With it you have the metrics needed to hone in on your entries and learn which setups provide a positive edge against risk. The S5 Trade Analyzer is design to seamlessly run as an indicator on your existing NinjaTrader Workspace.

Theoretical Average

The average price on your platform once you have taken some profits may not be right. Know where your risk is by tracking your Theoretical Average in real time.

The S5 Trade Analyzer will also track in real time how big a drawdown the current trade has experienced and how far in your favor it has moved.

This is information that makes a difference in the heat of battle.

Export Your Data

You can also see detailed metrics about the trades you have taken so far.

Visual Trade Metrics

Being able to visually see the trends forming in your metrics is key to knowing when to stop.

There are more features to the S5 Trade Analyzer than would be useful to cover here, so we urge you to try the demo and test it yourself.

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