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Powerful trade analysis tools, unique to Stage 5 Trading

At Stage 5 Trading, we realize that it’s not always easy to keep on top of your trading homework. But our experience has shown us time and time again, how incredibly important it is to do so. That’s why we were so desperate to create the S5 Trade Analyzer toolset.

Not only will you find these tools incredibly powerful in your trading analysis, but you’ll also see how easy they make the process of fine-tuning your trading approach.

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The best part is that as a Stage 5 Trading customer, you are entitled to the complete S5 Trade Analyzer Toolset at no extra cost. Yes, that means FREE and you’ll still get a COMPETITIVE COMMISSIONS QUOTE!

The New Cloud-Based S5 Trade Analyzer

The NEW S5 Trade Analyzer has been completely redesigned from the bottom up. It now has even more stats, a more robust data structure, can run from most modern browsers, boasts both real-time & historical analytics and has multi-execution feed capability.

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S5 Historical Trade Analyzer (S5 HTA)

The natural progression for the S5 Real-time Trade Analyzer, was to expand it to include historical capabilities. With the S5 Historical Trade Analyzer, that’s exactly what we’ve done. Not only that, but we’ve also included many more trade metrics and user specified trade tags. We hope that this will make your tasks of tracking and analyzing your trading performance, a walk in the park. All you have to do is focus on your trading!

Powerful & Flexible

The New Cloud-Based S5 Trade Analyzer is a new breed of app. Sure, it may feel somewhat familiar. But it’s built on a more powerful and flexible core than ever before. It’s now web-based and so you’ll never need to upgrade it again. You’ll also be able to access it from any device with a browser. Pretty neat. Because it hooks directly into your Trading Feed’s api, it’s trading platform agnostic. You only need one of the supported trading feeds. To begin with, this will include Gain/OEC and CQG/Continuum. But we aim to expand this list in the near future.

The Desktop S5 Trade Analyzer

The Desktop S5 Trade Analyzer is an add-on application to trading platform. It’s a real-time trading tool that let’s you know where you are while you’re in a trade and what your performance has really been over the course of a trading session.

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Theoretical Average

With the S5 Trade Analyzer, you’ll have access to the stats that provide unique insights into your trades. The goal is to benefit from key metrics generated by every trade. This powerful tool works in REAL TIME and is FREE to use with the S5 Trader and all Gain/OEC based platforms.

How much heat do you take on your trades?

Know how far the market went in favor of and against your trades. No more guessing about how effective your entries and exits are. Now you can see them clearly and fine tune your approach.

Detailed Reports

S5 Trade Analyzer keeps track of stats we feel matter as you trade either Live or in Simulation Mode. To run more detailed studies on Trade Analyzer data, simply save to an Excel file right from the interface and place this data into a spreadsheet which we provide to help you track your results.

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Looking for details on how to use the Desktop S5 Trade Analyzer?

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