Jigsaw Trading

The premiere tool to read order flow and market depth

Jigsaw’s mission is to give you rich and useful trading information that enables you to make more informed trading decisions in an effort to form a stronger bias and to help find your entry point into the market

Looking for the NEW daytradr from Jigsaw?

Jigsaw Trading have created a new trading platform called daytradr. The number 1 reason is the demand. Or rather the amount of times people call and ask if we can support their trading platform. People want the functionality Jigsaw gives them but they want it on their platform.

The biggest advantage for us is that we have no limitations at all when we have our own platform. We don’t have to worry about compatibility with 4 or 5 different platforms when we implement each feature, so the pace at which we can implement cool new stuff will increase.

  • Advanced Depth-of-Market (DOM)
  • Reconstructed Tape
  • Auction Vista order book heatmap
  • Option to connect using a shared CQG data connection

Jigsaw Features

Depth & Sales

  • Both trades and orders are shown side by side in an intuitive format
  • If your decision making involves tracking the depth as well as the trades, then this tool is a must have

Strength Meters

  • An at a glance view of key order flow metrics and a visual representation of changes in real time

Reconstructed Tape

  • Filter to show trades above/below a specific size
  • Block Trade Alerts – giving audio/visual alerts when trades of a certain qty or more occur
  • Buy Side and Sell Side Tapes – allowing you to have one Tape showing Buys and another showing Sells
  • Color by bid/ask or uptick/downtick
  • Highlight orders that swept a whole level of limit orders (this can indicate aggression)
  • Least Significant Digits – hide parts of the price you aren’t really interested in
  • Trade Timer – drops trades off the Tape that are older than a user-defined amount of time

Summary Tape

This Tape doesn’t show individual trades but rather shows you both sides of the market and what can be considered the ‘battle’ between buyers and sellers:

  • Option to show quantity at the inside bid/offer as well as the trades hitting them
  • Rolling Cumulative Delta – this shows the volume delta on a rolling basis as trades come through
  • Alerts – Iceberg Alert –  (see alert section) Visual and audio alert when an iceberg order is detected
  • Alerts – Divergence Alert – (see alert section) Visual and audio alert when price ticks up but delta ticks down (and vice-versa)
  • Alerts – Large Qty Alert – (see alert section) Visual and audio alert when an excessive quantity trades at a level.

Pricing and Support

Jigsaw offers a unique Lifetime License program. There is a 2-week Money-back guarantee for this product. With your purchase, Jigsaw will provide you for FREE customer-only course called “The ES – When to Enter” as well as a FREE “Order Flow Foundation” course. Give it a shot!

  • Jigsaw Tools Lifetime License = $579
  • Jigsaw Tools Lifetime License + Live Trading = $579 + Monthly Live Trading Subscription $50 per month
  • Jigsaw Tools Lifetime License + Live Trading = $579 + Annual Live Trading Subscription $500 per year

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