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S5 BookMap for TradeRunner

A Visual Trading Experience with a Difference


We believe the S5 BookMap provides traders with one of the most comprehensive and configurable heat map displays to visualize both real-time trading, as well as historical depth-of-market (DOM) data. The S5 BookMap’s unique java-based Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine handles millions of market data updates in real time, providing traders with information on how the limit order book evolves.

Our goal is to provide a unique perspective that enables traders using the S5 Bookmap to get faster and deeper insight into live market dynamics and short-term price action. This tool includes add-ons to execute directly into your S5 Trader account and to see what you have done directly on the BookMap display.

Some of S5 Bookmap’s Key Features:

  • Highly configurable historical orderbook heatmap
  • Depth-of-market display
  • Customizable market stats columns
  • High performance java-based Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine
  • Trade right from the heatmap itself

The following is a video of a live trading session hosted by Veloxpro with FuturesTrader71 where he goes over how he uses the S5-BookMap.

This video is 1 hour long:

Note: For best viewing, please click the maximize button at the bottom right corner of the video

The S5 BookMap is powerful tool and we are excited to offer you a 14 day free trial! Go ahead…give yourself X-Ray vision into the order book…

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