MarketDelta Desktop

Data, Charting, & Trading In a Single Platform

See for yourself, just how powerful MarketDelta Desktop can be…

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MarketDelta Desktop is a professional grade trading software with an integrated data feed, charts, footprints, and trading screens in a single platform.

Footprint® Charts

Footprint® charts are one of the secrets of pro traders, which is why you may not have heard about them.

With Footprint® charts you have 3x better because you have the opportunity to gain a better understanding because you can see price, volume, and order flow in a single bar.

Advanced Volume Profile

Volume Profile helps traders to understand the auction in an intuitive way. With MarketDelta Desktop, you get some of the best Volume Profile tools.

  • Intraday profiles
  • Daily profiles
  • Composite profiles
  • Market ProfileTM

Built-in Data Feed

MarketDelta has a built in data feed which is CQG. This means you get the best data in the industry without the hassle of having to configure anything.

Exchange fees still apply. Access to over 75+ markets and data sources. Trade from within the software.

Integrated Trading

It is very easy to place trades and monitor positions because the trading is now integrated into the software. No need to run an extra data feed or trading software. Save time, money, w/ an integrated solution.

  • Trade from chart
  • DOM
  • Order ticket
  • Autospreader
  • Spreadsheets
  • Quote boards

Extensive trading capability, including spreads, system trading, multiple asset classes, multiple accounts, and much more.

Trade on Desktop, in the Cloud, or on our Mobile app.

MD Desktop subscribers also get FREE access to MarketDelta Cloud (web trader) and MarketDelta Mobile (phone / tablet trader).

Cloud and Mobile offer you convenience and mobility not found with other desktop trading solutions.

Here is just some of what MarketDelta Desktop has to offer:

  • Integrated Footprint® Volume & Order Flow Chart for Superior Price Transparency
  • Built-in CQG Data Feed
  • Comprehensive Set of Trading Interfaces and Tools
  • Integrated Trading
  • Trade on Desktop, in the Cloud, or on our Mobile app
  • Trade directly from the chart
  • Initiate, amend, cancel orders
  • Lines show working orders
  • Lines show position and much more…
  • Build in sim account for testing ideas
  • 100 + Video Tutorials, Recorded Webinars, YouTube channel, Available 24×7
  • 24 Hour PHONE Support

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