MarketDelta Cloud

A Cloud Trading Platform Specialized Exclusively for Futures Traders

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MarketDelta Cloud is a first of its kind SaaS (softwareasaservice) trading solution for futures traders. It offers a full trading and charting experience common in desktop software but with all the conveniences and access provided by a modern cloud based trading solution. Start trading in less than 60 seconds. THIS is the future of futures trading!

The MarketDelta Cloud is FREE! Yes, you read that right.

  • No Subscription. No Lifetime Fee.
  • Save Money, Increase Your Bottom Line.
  • Accessed from a Browser; Simple and Easy to Use
  • Get the Flexibility to Trade Anytime, Anywhere!

Everything you might need is Bundled into the Service

  • Live and paper trading
  • Real time & historical data
  • Advanced charts, 80+ indicators
  • Volume profile, 50+ drawing tools

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Access – Trade on a browser on any computer, anywhere, anytime. Available on tablets and mobile soon!
  • Technology – Lightning fast, cutting edge cloud computing technology is what powers the MD Cloud
  • Simplicity & Ease of Use – Cloud applications are much simpler and easier to use by nature
  • HTML5 Charting – Elegant charting using modern HTML5 technology is refreshingly easy to use and snappy on screen
  • Technical Indicators – 80+ Technical Indicators that is ever expanding includes volume profile, bollinger bands, stochastics and more
  • Cost – Save money on data by using MD Cloud. It is powered by the order routing systems data, so costs a very minimal and only apply to live accounts
  • Market Data – Access dozens of markets worldwide over an intelligent, global network with advanced connectivity to get your order filled as fast as possible

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