Digging Into the Details of S5 iSystems

Digging Into the Details of S5 iSystems with Max Timmins and Walter Gallwas

S5 iSystems Subsidized Special

Stage 5 Trading is offering the first 2 months of license fees FREE for select developers on S5 iSystems. The license fees will be subsidized for new S5 iSystems accounts by Stage 5 Trading. 

A short list of the participating developers are listed below:

  • Cirus
  • Optimized Trading
  • A.I.Trading
  • BattleQuant
  • Luis Anton
  • Stenma
  • Sora
  • VilaurinBolsa.com 

**Past performance is not indicative of future results**


Navigating S5 iSystems


To view systems from these developers, simply click here and enter one of these developers in the “Search” Box:



From here, you can use the “Filter Systems” tab to add a variety of criteria that you feel meet your trading objectives.

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