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Sierra Chart Teton Order Routing:  A Deeper Dive with Stage 5

Take a deeper dive with us at Stage 5 to explore what Sierra Chart Teton Order Routing has to offer.

We are excited to share with you this second recorded presentation to dig into why Sierra Chart has created their own order routing service (Teton), commission free membership options, transition steps for TransAct traders DOM layout, and a step by step process showing how Stage 5 can help get you started!

Watch this video to take a deeper dive with Stage 5’s Anthony Giacomin and Anthony at Sierra Chart!

Why did Sierra Chart create Teton Order Routing?

Sierra Chart has been in the industry since the mid 90’s.  Throughout this time, Sierra has worked with many third-party order routing systems.  Sierra Chart created Teton Order Routing to provide traders with reliable technology, depth of information, and a level of quality that meets Sierra Chart’s standards and vision.

The Teton Futures Order Routing Service is a high-quality service from Sierra Chart to provide order routing, for outright futures and spreads, direct to the major exchanges.  With Teton Order Routing there are no other intermediary providers, thus providing an A-Z solution for traders that contains charting, live and historical data, and now order routing!

What features are included with Sierra Chart Teton Order Routing?

  • All in One Platform
    • You can access your account with one login
  • Account Balance updates in real time
  • Web-based trading panel
  • Stable, low latency order routing
  • No additional cost!
    • Teton Order Routing is included with a Sierra Chart package 10 or higher subscription with no monthly fixed or minimum API connection fees and no Transaction fees for order routing
    • *Commissions, exchange fees, and NFA fees still apply

How can Stage 5 help you?

Stage 5 Trading has worked with Sierra Chart on the Teton Order routing during the early stages, allowing us first-hand experience into the quality, stability, and value of Teton Order Routing.  Contact Stage 5 here to find out which clearing firms we route through and how we can help you with your trading needs!

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