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Sierra Chart Web Trading Platform

Did you know?  With Teton Order Routing Service, you can access a web-based trading panel.

What is Sierra Chart’s web-based trading platform?

The Teton Order Routing Service has a web-based trading panel available.  It can be used from any device, including mobile phones through a web browser.  When using it on a mobile phone, you will want to choose the option for the mobile phone view on the trading panel

What features are included with the web-based platform?

  • Current Orders list
  • Current Positions list
  • Account Balances
  • New Order Entry.  Target and Stop orders are supported.
  • Order Cancellation
  • Real-time or delayed basic price data (Upcoming).

By default this web-based trading panel is enabled for all Sierra Chart accounts.  To have it deactivated, please request through Sierra Chart’s Account Control Panel – > Account Support Tickets or reach out to us.

The web-based trading panel can be logged into at the same time while Sierra Chart is connected to the same service.  You can connect to it as many times as you require from as many devices as you require.

How do you access?

  1. Login into Sierra Chart’s Account Control Panel
  2. Select: Trading
  3. Select:  Web Trade Account Data and Order Entry
  4. Select from the the “Service Selector” options, which best suits you
  5. Server Selector:  Select the clearing firm (FCM) in which your account is held

Do you need help to access or have questions?

Contact Stage 5 using the button, below.

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