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Introducing Sierra Chart Teton Order Routing – Webinar Recording

Stage 5 Trading is thrilled to share with you a recorded webinar outlining exciting features Sierra Chart Teton Order Routing has to offer!  Stage 5’s Managing Partner, Anthony Giacomin and Sierra Chart’s Anthony discuss the features and potential benefits this new order routing service can provide.

What is Sierra Chart Teton Order Routing?

Named after Grand Teton, the highest point of the Teton Range in Grand Teton National Park.  The Teton Futures Order Routing service from Sierra Chart provides order routing for outright futures and spreads, direct to the major exchanges.

Here are a few features:

  • There is no other intermediary provider
  • Orders are routed direct to the exchange
  • Stable, low latency order routing
  • Server-side OCO and bracket orders
  • No order routing fees.  *Commissions and Fees still apply

Check out the recording to learn more!

Why Stage 5 Trading?

Stage 5 Trading has worked with Sierra Chart on the Teton Order routing during the early stages, allowing us first-hand experience into the quality, stability, and value of Teton Order Routing.

Stage 5 manages Sierra Chart users DIRECTLY in-house through one of our designated clearing firms.  Contact Stage 5 here to find out which clearing firms we route through.

Watch our new webinar with Anthony Giacomin, Managing Partner at Stage 5 Trading and Anthony from Sierra Chart to learn more about the potential benefits and exciting features!

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