State of the Art trading and charting platform for the discerning trader

What is AgenaTrader?

agenaAgenaTrader is a high end trading platform, which goes one step further than analogous trading tools. With features ranging from chart trading and integrated market scanners, AgenaTrader aims to save valuable time for traders and provide all the necessary functionality for various trading styles and strategies. In addition to discretional and fully automated trading the semi-automated trading approach is also completely integrated.

Regardless of whether you prefer to trade with a chart, DOM, order book or using the keyboard, with this trading software, there are no limitations.

AgenaTrader Highlights

  • Open up to 2000 charts at once
  • Scan thousands of instruments in real time
  • Scan thousands of instruments in different time frames
  • Drag & Drop signal and strategy programming
  • Deep integrated risk- and money management tools
  • Automated calculation of the order size
  • Semi-automated trade-management
  • Multi-brokerage / multi-datafeed at the same time
  • Fully automated trading using the AgenaScript (C#/.Net)
  • Import indicators and strategies from an external system

Serious Advantages for Serious Traders

  • Automatize the routine work of the daily trading cycle!
  • AgenaTrader provide you with more time to check the quality of trades
  • The time in front of the computer can be reduced
  • Risk reduction/management!


  • Program signals simply by a mouse click!
  • Programming skills are not required!
  • Compare many different indicators with each other or with static values!
  • Mix variable time frames per Condition!
  • Program complicated signals using AND, OR, XOR relations and brackets simply by a mouse click and without programming skills!
  • Use Conditions to create complete strategies, in AT Centaurus, by a mouse click!

Market Scanner

  • Scan thousands of instruments in real time according to your signals!
  • Use indicators and self-coded signals or conditions for scanning!
  • Program your signals via C#-AgenaScript or using the ConditionEscort by mouse click!
  • AgenaTrader will search your signals in different time frames!
  • Combine entry signals and complete strategies with stops and targets by mouse click in the SetupEscort!
  • Activate strategies by mouse click as soon as the corresponding signal appears in the scanner!
  • According to the motto: the system suggests, the market and the user decide, AgenaTrader manages your trades!

Even more features to support your trading

  • Advanced Charting
  • Set up Chart Groups
  • Tick by tick simulation
  • Chart Trading, OrderPad, OrderEscort or dynamic DOM trading
  • Automatized Trading using C#-AgenaScript to program strategies, indicators and trade management conditions

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