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“…algorithms are dominating…it’s truly a Terminator market.”

– Mark Cuban

Automated, hands-free trading with S5 iSystems

Announcing an upcoming webinar we’re hosting to discuss all things S5 iSystems, the automated, algorithmic trading platform that traders around the world are utilizing to help diversify their portfolios.

And that’s exactly what S5 iSystems offers:

  • Removes Emotions: S5 iSystems simply follows rules and executes trades
  • Provides Reliability: Server-based algos are fast and always on
  • Reduces Stress: Get filled in real time, even if you’re away from a screen

Whether you’re brand new to Algorithmic Trading or are looking to find more edge inside the S5 iSystems database of 2,000+ professionally-developed algos, this webinar is for you.


We’ll be covering:

  • Why S5 iSystems is our preferred choice for running fully automated futures trading systems
  • The advantage of trading on fully hosted servers (and what you lose if you’re relying on your local machine)
  • A complete walkthrough of the web interface: how to log in, access the server, and manage your systems

With S5 iSystems, you’ll have complete 24/7 control, with the ability to start, stop or change systems at any time so you’ll never be locked into a strategy that is not working for you.

Sign up and register for this exciting webinar right here.

Date: August 11, 2021
Time: 3:30 P.M. CT

We hope to see you there!

Go ahead and sign up here and reserve your spot now.

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