Chad Payne, Lead Software Engineer at Linnsoft, the creator of Investor/RT, joins us to go over a variety of new features built into the latest version of IRT. Chad will go over the new profile indicator, numerous studies and many more features in the latest update. The key goal of this Convergence Event is to focus on how traders can obtain key market behavioral information dynamically using IRT.

Convergence-Event: Extracting Market Behavior using IRT with Chad Payne

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There are several definitions that Chad is sharing with you for this webinar. Here is the link to those definitions:

**** It is very important that you download IRT version 12.2b8 or better first: ****

ZigZag Study in Ticks
ZigZag Study in Bars
VPOC Touch study
Time in Minutes it takes Range to be Set
Time into session for High or Low of Day to be put in
Session Time Filtering to isolate brackets of time to study
Fractal Profiles

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