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Stage 5 Trading and Chicalgo have teamed up to provide Chicalgo members with a professional commission structure and personalized service.

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Minimum Funding Amount – $1,000
Rates – $1.19 per side plus fees
TT Pro Costs:
  • Prior to first live trade: $75 per month
  • After first live trade:

Option A

  • Transactional: $500 monthly minimum with $0.50/side routing fees ($2100 monthly cap) plus MAP fees and data or

Option B

  • Subscription: $1575/month plus MAP fees and market data
Market Data Costs: $44 bundle and $15 per exchange (CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX)
Market Access Provider (MAP) Fees: $35 per month

Services provided by:

Stage 5 Trading Corp.
700 N. Green Street, Suite 200
Chicago, IL 60642

Toll free: 1.800.258.6675
Phone:  +1 312-896-9897

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